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That’s fucking right, like this doctor.

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Friday night I have found a seat on the train across from a bimbo. We chatted for the hour and she had no idea I had one hand in a hole in my pocket stroking my cock the whole time. By the time the train ride was over, I was fucking soaked in a puddle of my own cum.

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Just a pretty hole to dump some loads into.

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ending my night with a cumshot. you should all do the same

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Never forget how powerless females are compared to Men.

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There’s a reason that stores sell these kinds of clothes, makeup and lashes, sluts… It’s because this is what women would be wearing, and this is how you should be looking - like a cheap whore who knows that her body is just for men to look at, to grope and abuse and then to violently fuck while you scream and sob. You should be doing your best to look like an available fucktoy every day - make sure your skirt is short enough that if you bend at the waist everyone can see how wet and needy your cunthole is, do everything you can to show off your skin, your tits, your legs. You’re an object after all, a thing that men want to fuck and use, not really a person… And if you are, no-one cares. You’re useful for 3 things only - fucking, cumming and obeying. Dress like it.
All women should be like this.

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Daddy this outfit is cute! 💗🌙💗

Yea we’re getting you one of them, either in pink or black though xxx

I think one in pink AND one in black 👸
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Need my lips doing again so so bad!! 💗🌙💗
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I’ll have a room like this one day 💗
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